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Russian-language Editions

Here we make available three early Russian translations of Whitman, Konstantin Balʹmont's Pobegi Travy (1911), a translation of Whitman's "Pioneers! O Pioneers!" (1918), and Kornei Chukovsky's Uot Uitmen: Poeziia Gradushchei Demokratii (1919). Balʹmont's work was initially contributed to the literary journal Vesy; he later published Pobegi Travy as the first book-length translation of Whitman's poems into Russian. The rare chapbook edition of Pionery—translated by an individual known only by the initials "S. M."—illustrates the avant-garde mixed-media experimentation that was a hallmark of post-revolutionary Russian culture. Chukovsky's Uot Uitmen was first published in 1907. Like Leaves of Grass itself, Chukovsky's translation went through several revision ... Читать дальше »

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